Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elixir 7

As you know, I run, rep and love Mizuno Running.

My all-time favorite running shoe is the Mizuno Wave Elixir 6. I'm currently about 75 miles into my 5th pair, and with the Elixir 7 on the horizon coming in mid-January, I'm kinda amped on it...

But much like a bad doctor, I have no patience... so Mizuno was nice enough to hook me up with a promo copy.... dudes, this thing is the fucking bomb.    Stay tuned for more info....

Sunday, October 16, 2011


tentative races I'd like to focus on 2012:

02.05 - Mid Winter Classic 10miler
03.18 - New Bedford Half Marathon
04.15 - BAA 5k
06.17 - Sea Dogs Father's Day 5k
10.21 - Baystate Half Marathon

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breaking News....

Blogging is boring.

but I promise with training for Philly winding down.. i'll get back into it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

:04 seconds, and a Lighthouse...

Yo.   Yesterday was my goal 5k race of the season, and :04 fucking seconds came between me and finally being a 16:XX 5k'er.    I'm bummed, but ran real well... and this is the part I'd like to write a bunch of excuses like "it was too humid", "the 5-6 different 90degree turns on the course slowed me down", "that stupid lollipop turnaround was horrible" blah blah blah....   screw it, I'm learning to "control the controllables" and that crap does not matter.

Mile 1: 5:21
Mile 2: 5:32
Mile 3: 5:32
Push:   0:39:9
I didnt push when I needed to, and I learned a lesson.  I've learned so much this summer in racing not only about my abilities, but just HOW to race overall... and thats pretty awesome.

With the help of my coach Tyler McCandless, we decided that although it's now 100% time to focus on the marathon specific training for Philly... we are going to give the 5k one more shot in September.  We'll see...

Anyway, by contrast... a shot of me in the Mizuno Wave Universe at the 5k in the morning vs. me in the same shoe last night at a beautiful coastal wedding.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was asked this week why I stopped posting my workouts on the blog.
The honest reason is... I'm lazy and believe it or not, this blog is not the biggest priority in my life (unlike some run bloggers). 

But also, I pay a lot of money for my coaching and don't want my competition knowing what I'm doing every single day, because I'm gonna outwork all you fools and be waiting for you at the finish...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Forget everything..

As a self-diagnosed “shoe geek” I think about shoes a lot. Not sometimes, not often… but A LOT! I also own so many pairs of shoes it’s sometimes hard in the morning to decide which lucky pair to bring on the day’s workout. I have certain pairs I use on the easy/recovery days, I’ve got a designated pair for tempo and fartleks, obviously a special race day pair that I also take once a week to the track, and of course… I’ve got multiple pairs of my all-time favorite shoe that I use on MOST days, my Wave Elixirs.

When I get to work my problem is multiplied, as I work in run specialty and actually make my living talking to runners about running and running shoes. Seriously, I get paid to obsess over my obsession… I’m stealing money huh?

Ok follow me here… It’s not just shoes I love, it’s everything about running. I average 70-80 miles per week, pay close attention to my nutritional needs, try to sleep as well as I can (anybody with a newborn at home will understand my struggle there) and like many runners, I’m my own worst enemy with over analyzing it all. I pay too much attention to what the Garmin says, if one 400 rep in a workout doesn’t go my way I get frustrated, I worry I’m running my recovery runs too fast or too slow blah blah blah… But worst of all, I worry about shoes:

“Am I heel striking?”
“What’s my cadence?”
“Is this shoe too heavy… or wait, is it too light?”
“What’s the heel/toe offset?"
“Wait… am I pronating too much?”

Here’s my solution to the problem. Let all that crap go! This came to me this past weekend, as I was just out for an easy recovery 6 miler. I decided to go with the Wave Prophecy, as I had only about 25 miles on the shoe, and every single one of those miles I was over thinking the technology and trying to come up with witty words to write in an earlier review… instead of just letting it all go, and enjoying the run!

As to be expected, my first couple of miles out the door I thought about the Infinity Wave plate within the midsole, I experimented with different foot strikes to see how the shoe adapted, I played with my speed to get a better feel, then something magical happened. At mile 2 I merged with my city’s mayor, who is an outstanding runner and also training for a Fall marathon. Soon, we were casually running discussing my son keeping me up all freakin’ night, how awesome the new cafĂ© in town is, which local microbrew is our favorite, and how we need to get our families together sometime.

Not once in the run did we talk about running or shoes, mile splits, foot strike, and can you believe we didn’t even argue about millimeter drop in shoes? CRAZY! We talked about life and just enjoyed the run! At the end of the run we bid each other farewell and headed towards our respective homes on the other side of town… and then I realized I was wearing the Prophecy still.
I just had the most enjoyable run I’ve had all summer in a shoe I earlier deemed a bit too heavy and built up for me. I’ve always said the Wave Prophecy gives me a sense of just flowing, and only when you finally let go of all the outside B.S. that doesn’t matter will you be able to experience the true sense of flow. The ride the Prophecy gave felt amazing as I was able to enjoy good company, great conversation and a fantastic run, with superb cushion and responsiveness... without thinking about it!

I urge all runners to try at least once a week to forget about that upcoming race or tomorrow’s hard workout. Leave the GPS at home. Forget about your cadence, foot strike, speed or how high your heel is off the forefoot. Don’t worry about the inbox at work, the deadline for that project or all the yard work awaiting you at home. Lace up your favorite pair of shoes, and just get out the door and remember what it’s like to enjoy the run.

Sometimes we forget… this shit is supposed to be fun.

Friday, August 12, 2011

me vs. fagan.

He may be faster, have better abs, and a cool Irish accent.... but I've got better tattoos and don't have to run in Reeboks!  so who wins?

Dude is gnarly though...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     Lobsterfest 10k this past weekend.  Ran a great first 2 miles, then I just started to kinda suck.  Still won my age-group, but I could not catch the lead pack and was stuck running the final 4 miles all alone, which sucks in a race. 
     A crazy morning pre-race really fucked me up too.. as I normally wear my trainers for a 2-3 mile warm-up, then ditch 'em for my flats... well, a bit of "misscommunication" with my wife led to her and Abe not being at the start, I wasted a lot of mental energy being pissed off and running around like a madman looking for them, finally returning to the start about 15sec. before the gun.

Recipe for a crappy race!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mizuno Wave Prophecy..

So, it comes to no surprise to most of you that I've been working "behind the scenes" if you will, with Mizuno the past few months.   I love the product, I love the science/technology/research based methods they use when designing/creating running shoes, and I absolutely love everyone I have met from Mizuno (something I can't say about other running companies I have dealt with)!

I'm sure you also have seen or heard about the Mizuno Wave Prophecy.... very different shoe that just hit the market, and I have been testing and thinking about it for a while.... here is a take on the shoe that I also sent to the awesome people at Mizuno Running.....

Running is not a marketing gimmick.

Running is not measured in millimeters of foam.

Running is not a trend, fad, or whatever the hell the New York Times Bestseller list tells you.
Runners have lost focus on what matters, as "minimalist pandemonium" is spreading like an uncontrollable epidemic that needs to be quarantined. Shoe companies are falling over themselves to hop on the bandwagon, by producing zero-drop shoes and throwing away years of customer loyalty to transition their entire line towards minimalism.
But this isn't a rant on my love, hate or distaste for minimalism shoes (as I feel they do serve a purpose), this is my take on what a revolutionary company did on releasing a brand new shoe that says "screw you" to trends and actually decides to make changes on science, R&D, lab tests, and by listening to & studying runners. The people at Mizuno realize that a faster PR is more important than a smaller mm drop… and that’s what I’m all about too!
The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is the most unique running shoe I've ever seen. It's no surprise that 7 years of intense work went into this shoe... Here's the take of a self-proclaimed shoe geek, who happens to work within run specialty:
Off the bat, when the Prophecy arrived I was super excited about the packaging.

I see Mizuno boxes daily, I've got a back room at my shop full of them, and my garage is stocked with old empty boxes... always the same old brown/blue cardboard. Mizuno knew they had something special with the Wave Prophecy, and treated it as such… and I love it!

The "limited edition" feel of the special box creates a certain aura during your unboxing.

For us runners crazy (see: obsessed) about our shoes, each time we open a fresh pair, it's like a little piece of Christmas morning... Every single unboxing should be a special experience, I want to feel like I HAVE to go running immediately, that these shoes were developed and stitched just for me... and that's something I'd love to see Mizuno explore more within their line.
On first glance, the Prophecy looks a bit futuristic, but what else would you expect from a company like Mizuno? The mesh upper feels super smooth in your hands, and for shoe filled with technology, it's remarkably lightweight! Take a further look inside, and Mizuno even detailed INSIDE the shoe, as “Wave Prophecy” is printed throughout the inner shoe… again, a special shoe requires special treatment. The colors scream out at you, and I honestly can’t see a conservative runner lacing these up… but nothing about running is conservative!
Slipping the shoe on, the first thing you notice is that famous Mizuno fit... the perfect arch support, the Dynomotion fit that feels sock-like, and what really impressed me... was the strategic placement of the overlays! This shoe (unlike some of my other Mizuno's) causes no rubbing, no irritation or hot spots... even without socks the fit is perfect. Technology aside, I think if Mizuno got anything perfect with this shoe… is the fit. Google any review, positive or negative and the first thing everyone mentions is how great it fits.
I really wanted to get at least 20-30 miles in my Prophecy before I wrote an honest review, and now that I've exceeded that I feel I can share what I've learned about the ride. Plain and simple... it's smooth. For being such a bulky looking shoe, I was scared it would feel boxy and clunky, but I was wrong. The ride is just as smooth as my Precisions, but I found it did it take me about a half-mile or so to really find the sweet spot.
I liken the first few steps to a pair of Newtons, you know something different is going on... the full-length wave feels a bit different than anything you've experienced, as it feels as though something is under your forefoot you're not used to... but then pick up the pace a bit... and you'll understand the biomechanics of the shoe.
Sure it will work well for heel-strikers (and if you see most of the ads it's marketed towards such) as the Wave extends down under the heel.. but I have found where this shoe really shines is for us midfoot strikers! (Oh my God... you can midfoot strike in a traditional running shoe.. who knew??!?!) I've run in the Glycerin, the Triumph, Vomero... you name it, and all those neutral+ cushioned shoes are slow and mushy.... the Prophecy is the first and only in the category that offers luxury cushion, yet a fast, responsive ride. I really wanted to test this after a track workout, I took off my Wave Universe as I just ran a brutal 400m repeat session, and put the Prophecy on for a cool-down run, but first did a set of 400s in them... and I got all the cushion, plus the responsive ride you miss in the other brands.
This awesome, supremely cushioned but responsive ride is made possible (I think) because of the lack of all that mushy foam, which has been replaced by the Infinty Wave. The Wave does an awesome job of cushioning your foot on impact, but unlike anything I’ve felt before… the shoe almost moves with you. I’ve seen some describe this as “propulsion” but that just doesn’t describe the actual feel.. it’s much more like the Prophecy FLOWS with your stride.

I know, I know… a shoe FLOWING with you makes absolutely no sense, but that’s the exact sensation I get from the Prophecy. Flirting with a few different foot strikes, heel/toe/midfoot.. the shoe reacts in the same manner with great cushion, fast response, and a great “level of flow” (I just invented new shoe terminology!).

Overall, I really was surprised by this shoe. When I first heard about the release of the Prophecy I laughed, expecting Nike Shox on steroids…. But you have got to run in this show to feel the fit, ride, and flow.
That being said… this shoe is not exactly for me. I’d more recommend this shoe to a runner seeking a daily, high-mileage neutral shoe, that offers the combination of max cushion with a responsive ride. I see no reason why 500 miles would be the low end of what to expect to get out of the Prophecy. At 6’ and 165lbs I think that runners of all shapes/sizes would do fine, if they are looking for that type of shoe… and of course, heel & forefoot strikers will do well in the shoe, as the Infinity plate will accommodate nearly every stride.

I’ll absolutely continue to do some easy runs in them, the day after a hard workout when I really need some extra cushion for my tired legs, but I can’t imagine trading in my Elixir or Precisions for daily runs in the Prophecy.
What I’m most excited about this… is what it will bring to the future of Mizuno Running. Assuming Mizuno will recreate the fit and feel of the Prophecy within next generations of the core line (Rider, Elixir, Inspire etc..) this will propel the company forward as they begin to overtake Brooks as the leaders of run specialty.
Some other thoughts:

- I’ve been wearing them on the sales floor a bit at work and right off the bat they are an awesome conversation starter. At $200, the regular “Couch to 5k” runner grimaces at the thought, but the cool part has been once the conversation has started about Mizuno, Wave plates, and the technology…. I’m out back and grabbing them a pair of Riders or Inspires in no time for them.

- I think Wave Creation sales also will be on the rise, as the consumer wants to experience the technology, but at $60 cheaper… it sounds like a bargain for the Creation!

- Like I mentioned in the review… the fit of the upper needs to be incorporated within the rest of the line, it’s that awesome.

- The shoe box/packaging. The black box that gave the shoe it’s “Limited Edition” feel is fantastic… This is something I think Mizuno needs to reevaluate this year, and I’m looking forward to discussing ideas when I head down to the ATL soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Advice from the Wiles Thing..

"You gotta piss on your local hydrants & make sure all the punks know who the big dog in town is.
Sometimes I run races that I don't care about just so that nobody else can win...
...Fuck 'em!"


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week ending 6.12

Mon - Easy 8 miles w/ 8xSH repeats
Tue - 2mi w/u, 12x400 w/200m jog recov. (1:17, 1:19, 1:19, 1:19, 1:19, 1:19, 1:20, 1:19, 1:21, 1:21, 1:18, 1:13) 2+mi c/d  (9 miles total)
Wed - 10 miles easy
Thur - Rest.
Fri - 4 mile w/u, 4 mile tempo (6:15 pace), 2 mile c/d (10 mile total)
Sat - Easy 8

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whoops, I PR'd...

Whoops, I PR'd
Shortnessof breath....


Monday marked Memorial Day, which is always a pretty awesome day and this year was no different.  The Gardiner Boys and Girls Club holds the "Race to Remember 5k" early in the morning, and the 2nd annual version was another success.  Last year I ran this race 2 weeks after Sugarloaf, but this year going into it I knew I was in better shape, and the fact that Abe goes to the Boys and Girls Club.. made it a bit special.

I got to the start a bit early to make sure I got in a solid 3+ miles of warm-up, and got to meet up with some friends.  There really is only 2-3 people in Central Maine I would deem as "competetion" and none of them were running.. so I felt good at the start that I might finally win a fucking race!  Slipped into my flats after a solid warm-up an got to the line just in time for the gun, err whistle to go off.

Steep incline at the start, and within 5 seconds it was evident I was going to go for a fast first mile... as we got to the Rail Trail it was just a Hall-Dale miler and I, so I asked what he was expecting, he told me he was hoping to break 18:00... I laughed and told him he is running way too fast as we were running a 5:20 mile.   I'm glad he wanted to run fast with me, because I probabaly would not have gone out like that... ever.   At the mile we were next to eachother and went through around 5:25.

Mile 2 included the lollipop turnaround on the Trail, and I was about :05 seconds ahead of the kid who was breathing pretty rough now.  I love racing in my hometown because everyone cheers me on, and since this was in out/back I got to pass everyone... it was an awesome feeling being in the lead of a race.  I slowed down a lot because I was running alone and nobody was there to push the pace, plus I've never been this far ahead without anyone to chase... so mile 2 was slow in 5:50.

Mile 3 split was another slow one as I have done ZERO true speedwork, and was feeling it.  I knew I had the win, so mentally I just kinda cruised at another 5:55 mile.

Coming back into the waterfront area I saw Brianne and Abe and I got a mega boost, seeing the clock around 17:3x I knew I had an easy PR, but then decided it would be cool to go sub 17:45 so I turned it up a bit just to make sure I got it.... 17:44 for the win!

Went for a nice 3 mile cooldown with Peter and his son Jordan (who ran a sub22!) and while I was gone I missed the awards, so Abe stepped in and did the honors.. perfect!

Anyway, a good start to the summer racing season, but still :45 seconds away from what the major goal in August is.  I'm pretty stoked on my chances, especially with the goal race 3 months away and being able to chase down faster runners all year...

do work get fast, up the punx.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week ending 6/5

Mon - 2.5 mile w/u, Gardiner Race to Remember 5k (17:44) PR and 1st ever overall win, 3 mile c/d (8.5 total)
Tue - 4 easy miles.  Brianne and Abe took a "sick" day, and went for a 2 mile walk on the Rail Trail while I got in a few easy miles.  A bit tight in ankle from the speedworkout yesterday, but feel really good.
Wed - 10 miles.  Caught in a downpour w/hail and lightning with 4 miles left... my shoes weighed 5lbs. each
Thur - rest.  felt like shit.
Fri - Threshold run (3 mile w/u, 3 miles @ 6:20/mile, 2 mile c/d) 8 total.
Sat - 7+ miles easy

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week ending 5/29

Mon - easy 5 w/ 8xSH repeats
Tue- 8 miles
Wed - 8 miles w/8x45sec fartleks @ mile pace
Thur - 3 miles easy
Fri - 8 miles (moderate) w/8xSH repeats
Sat - 5 miles easy
Sun - 4 easy w/6x100

Friday, May 20, 2011

Week ending 5/22

Mon- 5.5 miles (w/ 6xSH repeats)
Tue- 6 miles easy
Wed- OFF (weather/Abe couldnt get out the door before work)
Thur- 8.5+ (w/ 9x30sec farteks at mile pace)
Fri - 8 miles (w/6xSH repeats)
Sat - 5 easy
Sun - 11.5 w/ 3 at marathon pace (6:40-6:50)

Week total: 44

Not a bad liltte week as my coach and I continue to 100% rebuild my running from scratch going into the Summer.  The fartlek workouts have become something I look forward to..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week ending 5/15

Mon. - 3 miles easy w/ 5x SH repeats (25:00)
Tue. - 5.5 miles easy (44:00)
Wed. - 7 miles fartlek w/ 8x20s @ mile pace
Thur - 0 (rest day)
Fri -  7 miles easy (ran with Amy for 6 @ her goal-marathon pace for Vermont City) + 5x SH repeats
Sat - 5 miles easy
Sun - 10.5 miles, with final 2 @marathon pace  (1:20)

38 miles for the week, as I am starting to feel like a runner again.  The slowly rebuilding process is coming along very well, as my coach has really helped me to not do too much too soon, as I normally would.
The ShortHill repeats are kicking my ass and I love it... the fartlek sessions with mile pace on Wed was one of the best workouts Ive had in a while... looking forward to getting my mileage back up over the next few weeks, and very much looking forward to racing on Memorial Day.

Seeing the race results from this weekend on Facebook and around the web, motivate the fuck out of me.  Seeing people PR, especially local runners I race against drives me to do more work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mizuno Wave Musha 3..

The Mizuno Wave Musha 3 is easily the best fitting, most responsive, insanely comfortable performance flat I’ve ever run in. Oh, and it’s a “stability racing shoe” shoe to boot!

Prior to finding the Musha I had mostly raced in the Nike LunaRacer (first version), running 2 marathons and countless 5k-10ks with them… and honestly, I liked the plushness of them, but HATED the fit. From there I decided to scale down a bit and ran last summer in the Saucony Grid Type A4, which is a great flat in itself, it just offers not much in the form of stability, and fits a bit snug for anything over a 10k. The Saucony Grid Fastwitch is what I ran my prior marathon in, without an issue.. Except the fit was a touch sloppy… absolutely zero forefoot cushion, and honestly they don’t feel “FAST”.

Full disclosure, I have a real good relationship with the awesome folks at Mizuno Running, and when asked to help them out by running in some of their shoes, I jumped at the chance. I accepted these flats with 100% no obligation to train, race or positively review the brand. I’m writing this review as an honest, unbiased runner… and if these shoes sucked, I’d also let you know. The simple fact that these shoes blew my mind, I decided to wear them last week during the Boston Marathon.


I DARE you to find a cooler looking flat. Upon opening the box, the first thing you notice is how fast these suckers look. The Musha 3 blew the 2.0 version out of the water with a sweet “fire-engine red” upper. The black overlays add just enough touch of “bad ass” to them, with green logo and accents that make the red POP! Compared to other Mizuno shoes in my collection these have a much lower profile, and any concerns of hot-spot due to ankle rubbing can be forgotten.


Mizuno killed it with the fit of this shoe… The Musha 3 goes on like a nice pair of slippers after a hard days work. Super comfortable, with just enough room for my slightly wider than average foot to breathe.. yet it feels wrapped comfortably by the mesh upper. Unlike a few of my other Mizuno shoes, they left the overlays pretty minimal, so I have no issues with a weird stitch rubbing me the wrong way, and I honestly ran a half-marathon PR sockless in these in March…. They are THAT smooth.

When I first went for a walk around my kitchen, then out the door down the road to get a feel for the Musha’s.. I was really surprised at the amount of forefoot cushion in such a lightweight, “stability” flat. If you are a fan of the LunaRacer, or even the Saucony Kinvara, meet your new best friend. Cushion, without the sponge!


This is where the Musha really shines. Of course everyone wants a super light-weight flat to guide them to PRs, trophies, Olympic medals.. whatever. But if the shoe isn’t right for you.. then how the hell are you ever going to cross the finish line healthy? The Wave Musha is MY shoe. I have a bit of late-stage pronation, not severe when running a fast 5k… but during 10+ mile races, the bit of support I get from the Musha is a lot more important to me vs. saving a few extra ounces and running in a 5oz flat. That’s the beauty of this shoe.. you feel fast because of it’s slipper like fit, and extremely light-weight feeling. Added with the touch of stability within the Mizuno Wave Plate (which blows away other companies medial-posting foam) this shoe is damn near perfect.

Wearing these last month at Boston I had absolutely zero issues. It was my 4th marathon, and first without even a blister, hotspot, or a friggin’ hangnail. The ride is consistent with the historic Mizuno “Smooth-Ride”, whether I’m midfoot striking, or being lazy and flopping down from my heel

Areas of Improvement

The outsole could use a trip back to the lab. The X10 carbon on the heel is super durable, and I know is there for you heel-strikers… but I don’t need it. It’s heavier than it needs to be, so we could get ride of it, replace it with the green blown-rubber that is on the forefoot and it would still be fine.

Speaking of the green outsole… I’d like to see the forefoot comprised more like the Wave Universe, with less rubber, but placed more strategically in high-impact spots. Again, that would save some more weight, and make this an even faster shoe.


Obviously, I love this shoe. I can’t imagine racing in anything else above a 10k from now on, it’s that good. With about 75 miles on my current pair I’m guessing they still have over 150 miles left in them, which is about what I’d expect, although I know a few people who get a lot more. I plan to use this a bit more in daily training, especially on tempo runs this summer, as I gear up for the 5k-10k season (will race in the Wave Universe).

Mizuno knocked it out the park with this shoe… I’m already looking forward to the Musha 4!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting over it.

This past week I've talked to a lot of friends & read a lot of blogs of people whom are MUCH faster, more knowledgeable, and far more experienced in this whole running thing than I am... and feel much better now on Saturday night than I did this past week.

Sure, what happened in Boston on Monday blows... but who cares?
Seriously.. in the grand scheme of things, who cares? 
Nobody but me.

Running is not my life (contrary to popular belief), running does not define me, it's not my job, hell.... I'm not even THAT good at it!
Basically, if running is the only thing going on in your life, your life fucking sucks.

My life is kinda awesome. 
My wife is the bomb, and my son is the best dude ever...
We have a great house, huge backyard and a fantastic, loving family around us!
We both have good jobs that give us the money to blow on stupid things like expensive running shoes and microbrews!
Running (as much as I love it) is kinda insignificant when I think about it. 
Wow, big deal... I had a bad day running, get over it Seth.

Anyway, I took this week off completely. 
ZERO miles from Tues-Saturday, and I plan on going out for a few easy miles tomorrow (Easter) morning.
I went from never wanting to run another step, to being 100% jonesing for a run pretty fast, which is a very good sign.  Next week will be a super low mileage week, then from there I'll start slowly building back and looking towards some Summer races.

To my friends who told me to take a chill pill this week... thanks guys.  I owe ya...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Boston Massacre...

Day 2 of trying to digest my Boston Massacre...

Embarrassment, regret, self-loathing, let down, anger, exhaustion... I dont know how to describe what happened after mile 14.  I was running a great race, was right on my target miles (6:50-6:55), then the wheels fell off.

I'm still not sure what went wrong.  Although diet & hydration are probably major culprits. 
I'm doing my best to get over it, and honestly... laughing it off has helped.  With this image I should have no problem being an extra in the next Romero film...

Monday, April 11, 2011

1 week out..

"It's Monday, and it's raining.."  (The MovieLife)

Holy shit!  1 week from this exact moment in time, I'll be in Hopkinton. 
I honestly don't feel like I deserve this, lots of people work their asses off for years for the chance to run Boston.  In less than a year & a half of running I've qualified and will be running this historic, amazing race. 


Yesterday I did my last double-digit run as the taper continues...  12 miles felt very easy, as I kept the pace rather light (7:30-7:40), and the weather was beautiful.   Before mile 2 I ditched my long-sleeved and my pale (yet colorful) skin got some Vitamin D!

Saturday I decided to run a 4-mile road race in Augusta.  I was a bit scared my competitive juices would flow too much, and I'd end up trying to race the damn thing... but I talked myself into running it at a nice tempo pace somewhere between 10k-half marathon effort, and still cruised to a 3rd place overall, and won my AG.  

The best part was having Abe see his Dad run for the first time.  I always kiss him before I head out in the morning, and often on my runs I wonder what he thinks I head out to do.  Not that he even has a clue what running is, I'm just stoked he got to see me do it.  I wish he was able to be in Boston to see me cross the finish... but he and is Mum will have a much better time on the couch following me online.

Welp.. 7 days away.. let's hope I dont drive myself (and Brianne) fucking nuts...

Monday, April 4, 2011

2 weeks out..

Brutal wind made this a pretty tough 17 miler.  Started the run planning on going 15, but decided to test my wheels and did 9 at a rough est. of Boston pace.

mile 1 7:38
mile 2 7:40
mile 3 7:43
mile 4 7:38
mile 5 7:48
mile 6 6:55
mile 7 7:09
mile 8 7:10
mile 9 7:03
mile 10 7:06
mile 11 7:02
mile 12 7:03
mile 13 6:59
mile 14 7:43
mile 15 6:50
mile 16 7:37
mile 17 7:46

(Total 17.2 miles, avg. 7:20 pace)
This run went a lot better than last weeks 20, not sure why... just ran it nice and relaxed.  The faster pace felt pretty good, as my knee loosens up the faster I run.    Best part of the run came around mile 14, when Brianne and Abe drove by as they were heading out to visit her Dad... they pulled over and I got a kiss from my dude, and he was stoked to see me... I busted out a 6:50 mile on accident after that.

I'm visiting my pal Dr. Lawson at KV Chiropractic later today for him to literally beat the shit out of my IT-band and piriformis with some A.R.T. and his insane deep tissue massage gun.

Spent a great deal of my run yesterday thinking about Boston.  It;s fucking driving me insane.  I almost feel like I'm letting myself down, and failing if I don't sneak in under 3 hours, but honestly... with my fall/winter/spring of injury, weather, and of course... Abrahm, I don't think I'm in sub3 shape.  

3:05 would be a much smarter goal (and still a 5min PR).  We'll see....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 miler, Maine to NH...

Being 3 weeks out from Boston, and only a few days out of my New Bedford 13.1 PR, I still knew I needed to get in one more solid 20 miler before Patriot's Day, and honestly.. I was kinda scared of it.  Since a few nagging injuries, and family life had got in the way of a couple of important long runs, I hadnt run more than 16 miles in about 5 weeks...  and had only done one 20 miler since Feb!

Luckily for me, I've got a friend who is basically a stud.  Bob (aka) Wiles Running, Inc. and I went to high school together.  The funny thing is, we didnt run.  He was 2 years ahead of me, and we played varisty football together.  In the spring, he played baseball while I played lacrosse.  We obviously knew eachother, but never really hung out until this past summer.. when we kinda bonded over running (as fucking lame as that sounds).   Well, the fact that his wife Camie, and my wife Brianne have a ton in common helped. 

We laugh a bit about how we both should have ran XC back in the day, but we both can out run most former high school runners today, and if any other former all-state offensive lineman want to race me... bring it!

Anyway, we both discovered running in our later 20s, and now he is tearing shit up on the racing circuit..I'm talking 15min 5k's, and sub 1:10 half-marathons!   The coolest thing, is (for some reason) he enjoys helping me achieve my running goals.  He was awesome enough to pace me the last 16 miles of the Maine Marathon en route to my BQ, and was more than willing to get up and do a 20 miler through his hometown with me yesterday morning.

I got up at 4:45am for the 90 mile drive, (yep.. drove 90 miles one way to meet a guy for a 20 mile what?), got to his house before 7, and it wasnt long before we were out running the Sea-Coast region of Maine-New Hampshire.   Without question the most beautiful run of my life. 

Below is our route, it was mega windy, so the resistance for sure kept the pace a little slower, but he got me to push myself.. and less than a week out from New Bedford, this felt amazing.

Let the taper begin....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Bedford splits..

So after reading lots of race reports from New Bedford (mostly from people MUCH faster than me), I don't feel much like writing my normal in-depth, vulgar, brutally honest race report.

Instead, here are my splits from this awesome race, followed by the elevation from Garmin.

Mile 1 6:21
Mile 2 6:33
Mile 3 6:32
Mile 4 6:35 (slowest)
Mile 5 6:19
Mile 6 6:25
Mile 7 6:23
Mile 8 6:30
Mile 9 6:29
Mile 10 6:22
Mile 11 6:23
Mile 12 6:14
Mile 13 6:13 (fastest)
0.18 mi 1:02.67

Ok, obviously I had too much left in the tank... and should have ran a bit less conservative in the middle few miles... but eh whatever.. this is only my 2nd half marathon ever, but damn I love racing this distance!

Oh, and just so you know... I'll be running this again next year, and I will go 1:19 or under...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weird thing happened on the way to the finish line....

After 2 weeks of horseshit running I somehow pulled a 1:24:17 half-marathon out of my ass today, and it feels damn good.

How's that for a race report?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's been a minute since I've filled anyone in on my running (or whatever the hell you want to call what I've been doing lately).

Looking back through this Winter, it's been hell on my training.  I was trying to think back to the last time I had a full week of solid pain-free running, and I think it would be sometime in January.  The funny thing is, every week I have had something else ailing me.   I just made a list of my injuries this winter, then deleted it because 1, it was annoying me to read it, and 2, made me look even more like a pussy... so  lets just say, this winter has sucked.  No big deal, it's not like I have the Boston Marathon to run in a couple weeks or anything, right?  ohhhh...

I was actually feeling rather fit last week, after some good back to back weeks (65+ mpw), and awesome lactic-threshold workout, in which I did the middle 7 miles on my run at goal half-marathon pace, (6:25).  During this run it was POURING ran, so by mile 3 my shoes weighed 10lbs. each, I was freezing cold.. yet still hit all my splits with ease.   3 days after that workout I came down with a fantastic stomach-bug, and spent the next 48 hours puking more than running.. and had to miss my 20 miler I was very much looking forward to.

So now here I am, 4 weeks out of Boston.  Questioning all of my training, going back/forth still about what type of goal to set on Patriots Day (just finish the dam race might be one!).   A lot of questions will be answered tomorrow though at the New Bedford Half.  My plan going into this was hit a nice 1:25 finish, which would boost my confidence going into Boston a lot... setting me up for a solid sub 3:00 attempt, or at least a nice/relaxed 3:05ish.

Stay tuned kids.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

flyer than the rest of 'em...

I'm 31 years old, and a couple things have been constant since I was a kid..

1. I love the Boston Celtics.
2. I love sneakers.

The 2nd one has recently become a bit of a problem in my house, and it's not what you'd think.... my wife is actually cool with it, it's just I'm running out of room for all my running shoes, and honestly.. it's got to the point where I stand there and take a few minutes to decide which pair to run in that day.   It's a nice problem to have, but a little insane.

When I was a kid I HAD to have the freshest kicks, as soon as they came out.  Which was hard being from Maine, but my mom was super cool about it and always had me in the newest Bo Jackson cross-trainers, and at the end of every Fall I'd get the newest Air Jordan's for basketball season.   This trend has continued into my running career...

This week I'll be posting a few reviews I have been putting off writing... some will be from kicks I love, some from ones I'd never run in again...

A group I used to be really into, Lexicon (underground hiphop from SoCal) dropped this song a few years back, and I can relate... as can a good amount of my running friends

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Witty title here.

Oh hello there...

In an attempt to be the best father possible, I decided it was better to neglect my silly running blog than my 3 month old, probably a very wise choice.

I also dropped out of my college program at KVCC, I was studying in the Physical Therapy Assistant program... but honestly, after studying kiniesology for 4 years at Springfield College/Plymouth State, I'm kinda all "schooled out".  I'm actually rather content working in sales, and being I work for a rather awesome company that takes care of me well... I decided my priorities still remain as:
1.  Family
2.  Running
3.  Work
4.  Other Crap    (Which included the PTA certification program, and honestly.. it was getting in the way of both running & family, and that just is not cool.)

Oh, and I don't sleep either.  My son Abe, he hates nighttime.. so I'm getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, in about an hour and a half intervals... awesome huh?

Last week I hit a PR in mileage (by a mile), which is cool.  I feel like a zombie most mornings from the lack of sleep, and I THINK I'm getting some good quality in, but I suppose I wont know for sure until I'm able to test myself.  This weekend is the 1000th annual (not really, but it's been going on for a while) Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler in Cape Elizabeth.  I've ran this race twice, once about 11 years ago.. and again last year.  A 5 min. improvement from last years 1:09 is expected this weekend... that would help break up some staleness in this cycle.

I also registered for the New Bedford Half Marathon on 3/20.  I'm really looking forward to this race, as it's going to include a super-fast field, which will help my performance, and be an excellent test going into Patriot's Day. 

God, this blog entry sucks huh?
But I really just wanted to do something before I went out for an easy 8 this morning, and I'm crushing this cup of coffee to help get me out the door.

Oh, and about Boston.. 8 weeks out and I still have no clue what to expect, or what the goal will be. 
Part of me saying go nice and easy, just take it in as a "training run".. then go sub 3 in Sugarloaf in May.
Part of me says be a man and go hard or go home.
Part of me tells me to just aim for a soft PR while enjoying the course (3:06-3:09)

Good thing I still have 8 weeks to figure this out, it'd be nice if Abe figured out some sleep by then too...

Bring the ruckus..

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm injured.
On the plus... it's -12 degrees out and I'm not too bummed about missing a run this morning.

     My foots coming along, after a lackluster 25 mile week last week, doing easy runs every other day I decided to skip another long-run Sunday and then after today off... I'm thinking I might be ready to go tomorrow.

     I was following Pfitz 18/70, but with 12 weeks out from Patriots Day and 2 weeks of crap, if I feel good tomorrow, I'd like to jump into the 12/55 plan.  The Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler was something I've been looking forward to since October, but I've decided to transfer my bib to a friend.. I don't feel like I'm in 1:04 shape right now, and honestly I have no desire to drive to Cape Elizabeth to race 10 miles unless I'm going to perform well.

     I did visit Roger Park, an orthotist who owns Acadia Orthotics.  I was referred to him by Gary Allen (Crow Athletics/MDI Marathon), Gary has run a sub 3 hour marathon each decade for the past 5 decades, and told me that in his 50's, Roger's running orthotics have made a HUGE difference.  So, anyway... I went to see him for a full biomechanical analysis.  First thing you notice in his office, is some cool gear signed by Joan Beniot, and Bill Rodgers... both wear Gary's custom orthotics... not a bad endorsement huh?

     I brought my 2 favorite shoes, with the most mileage on them to have Roger check them out.. before even looking at my legs, he said right off the bat "wow, you have tight calves"... JUST BY LOOKING AT MY WEAR PATTERN!   Of course, he was right.  Also, after some measuring I learned I should have been running in a 11.5 Wide, not my usual 12.  Which makes sense, and looking back I have no fucking clue why I never tried a Wide before... probably because most Wide kicks are fugly.  Also, after some tests Roger mentioned my pronation... I mostly run in neutral shoes, but knew I had moderate pronation.

     Basically I was told I'm much faster than my times show.  What the hell does that mean?  Well, my body is working against me each stride.  My shoe choice, my biomechanics, and my tightness is causing me to BRAKE on each step.  This is a good/bad thing.  It excited me that with some work I'll be able to get that much faster, but also means a complete over-haul of my running.  Roger told me I'm a good candidate for this orthotics, but also didn't pressure me into them, or seem like he was selling them to me.. he actually cared about my running.  I liked that.

     So.. what to do?  I've ordered some new mild stability kicks in a 11.5 Wide, which feel great.  With the high mileage I'd like to be running I realize I need more shoe, especially with my issues.. so, trial and error it is.   As for orthotics, I'm going to try running without for a while (they arent cheap) and we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it'snow problem...

Check out the tabs on the right... been working this week on planning out my 2011 races, I'll probabaly run more than listed.. but these are the ones I'm rather stoked on.

Some quick coffee this morning, then off for 12-13 miles in the dark to try and outrun this Nor'easter that is on the way!

this map was full of shit, as we ended up with 15 inches, not 5-8!

do work.

EDIT:   was feeling real good so ended up with 14 for the morning... just as my house was in sight the flakes really started flying.. perfect timing!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

MMX est mortuus.

Wow, what a good year.

Looking back only two things happened all year:
1.  Abe.
2. Running.

I set PRs at every distance in 2010.
I Boston Qualified.
I won some AG awards.
I'm not even close to being satisfied.

I don't want to spend too much time looking back at the year that was, because that doesn't matter.  It's all about 2011, and on to the next one.  So without further adieu...

Team Fast Punx 2011, "Murdering Time"

The goal in 2011 is murdering time, murdering PRs, murdering the asphalt, and murdering the competition (in a friendly way of course!).  

I really see 2011 as a "bridge year" of sorts.  I feel this year I'm still building miles, still learning how to run, race, train, & recover.  I'm looking at 2011 as getting me to where I want to be in 2012, that being said... I don't plan on wasting this year at all.  Here is what I set out to do...

-The Marathon:
Boston Goal : Have a blast & PR*
     Fall Goal (Philly?): 2:55

-The 10k:  36:59
 Not sure where (maybe Beach to Beacon, probably Lobsterfest) but that will happen.

-The 5k:  16:59
Some goal 5k races may include Sea Dogs Fathers Day, Breakaway in Old Orchard, and whatever the hell else I feel like doing.

*denotes that I might be full of shit and still bring the muthafuckin ruckus in Boston en route to a 2:59!