Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Witty title here.

Oh hello there...

In an attempt to be the best father possible, I decided it was better to neglect my silly running blog than my 3 month old, probably a very wise choice.

I also dropped out of my college program at KVCC, I was studying in the Physical Therapy Assistant program... but honestly, after studying kiniesology for 4 years at Springfield College/Plymouth State, I'm kinda all "schooled out".  I'm actually rather content working in sales, and being I work for a rather awesome company that takes care of me well... I decided my priorities still remain as:
1.  Family
2.  Running
3.  Work
4.  Other Crap    (Which included the PTA certification program, and honestly.. it was getting in the way of both running & family, and that just is not cool.)

Oh, and I don't sleep either.  My son Abe, he hates nighttime.. so I'm getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, in about an hour and a half intervals... awesome huh?

Last week I hit a PR in mileage (by a mile), which is cool.  I feel like a zombie most mornings from the lack of sleep, and I THINK I'm getting some good quality in, but I suppose I wont know for sure until I'm able to test myself.  This weekend is the 1000th annual (not really, but it's been going on for a while) Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler in Cape Elizabeth.  I've ran this race twice, once about 11 years ago.. and again last year.  A 5 min. improvement from last years 1:09 is expected this weekend... that would help break up some staleness in this cycle.

I also registered for the New Bedford Half Marathon on 3/20.  I'm really looking forward to this race, as it's going to include a super-fast field, which will help my performance, and be an excellent test going into Patriot's Day. 

God, this blog entry sucks huh?
But I really just wanted to do something before I went out for an easy 8 this morning, and I'm crushing this cup of coffee to help get me out the door.

Oh, and about Boston.. 8 weeks out and I still have no clue what to expect, or what the goal will be. 
Part of me saying go nice and easy, just take it in as a "training run".. then go sub 3 in Sugarloaf in May.
Part of me says be a man and go hard or go home.
Part of me tells me to just aim for a soft PR while enjoying the course (3:06-3:09)

Good thing I still have 8 weeks to figure this out, it'd be nice if Abe figured out some sleep by then too...

Bring the ruckus..