Monday, June 7, 2010

Did Work.

Tomorrow (June 8th) marks my 1 year anniversary of returning to running. 
I started running at 19 because I was sick of being fat, quit college football, and wanted to get in shape.  Little did I know, I was kinda good at this running thing and got addicted.  I ran a few half-marathons, dropped a ton of weight, won some age-group awards... then just stopped.

I somehow lost my way, and was busy living life.  It's hard to run when you wake up in a new city and are still hung over from the night before.  After 6 years of casually trying to run once and while, a year ago this week I decided enough was enough and went on my first "real" run again.   I couldnt finish an easy 3 mile loop.  But I went back the next day and tried again... and again, and fell back in love.

365 days later I've completed 2 marathons, beat my 5k PR (from 2000 without even trying), and at 30 years old, I'm at the same weight I was in 8th grade...seriously.

I can't wait to see where I'm at next June.  I fucking love running.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three(point one)'s A Party!

5k's are kinda like punk rock songs... fast, sloppy, they kinda suck, but are fun as hell!
(Andrew, this one's for you)

Mile 1 6:04.17
Went out a bit fast, the lead dude was cruising and I stayed with him for .25 mile, then I realized I was running a 5:10 split and backed off.... oops.

Mile 2 6:04.39
I'm in 3rd place, running comfortable.  Around mile 1.5 we hit the turnaround spot (an orange cone) I really hate out/back courses, especially 5ks because you have to completely stop and start again!

Mile 3 6:05.66
This mile was hard because I was running past all of the other racers on the out/back course, which is narrow as is... add a hundred people in my way and I was hugging the rail.  Probabaly could have turned it on a later faster but I was just having fun, I wasnt even looking at the Garmin here..

Mile .10 Mi 0:29.38
I see the 2nd place dude finish up ahead, and the glare is so bad I cant read the clock... I for sure would have sprinted through if I saw it to get a sub18:40, but when I heard the timer yell 18:41 I was stoked... 

Garmin - 18:43.60 Official - 18:41 (PR)
Stopped Garmin a bit late, but new I had a PR either way.  I ran an 18:44 in 2000, as a 20 year old college kid who was in love with running... I fell out of love for about 8 years as I tasted other aspects of life, but to know that I'm 30 now, married to the most beautiful woman in the world, with a baby on the way this Fall, and a new found respect/obsession with running...  I can't wait to get faster!

Ended second recovery week with just over 23 miles, and felt good about it.  Looking forward to a 30+ week right now, and then start 17 week prep towards the Maine Marathon and my attempt at BQ!!