Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring Da Ruckus...!

Apparently if I listen to nothing but Wu-Tang for 48 straight hours, it makes me faster.  I'm officially sub18 in the 5k (17:58) and it feels daaaaaaamn good!

Saturday I finally broke 18:00 in the 5k, something I really hadnt dreamed of until recently.  The idea first popped into my head when I set my previous PR in June (18:39) and wondered what it might take to drop it under 18.  The answer... it takes mileage, and a lot of work. 

Woke up real early around 5am, as the race was at 7:45am in Old Orchard (about an hour away).  Packed my race bag, grabbed some coffee and I was on my way.  I love driving on the Interstate in Maine early in the morning with NOBODY on the road... but to everyone that I happened to pass, sorry I was blasting Wu-Tang at top volume, I'm not that gangsta.

Rolled into OOB around 7am, plenty of time to chill out, and get ready.  Found my friend Travis who was going for his own PR (sub 17) and we did a nice 2 mile w/u.  I very much enjoy warming up with someone, I've found that when I w/u alone I get myself extremely nervous... but when I've got a friend with me, I relax and joke... something to rememeber.   Had about 5min. when I got to the start to do some striders and loosen up further...  felt great.

Lined up about 3 people deep as I noticed some fast dudes there, I didnt want to be in their way, plus starting back a bit helps me not go out too fast... 

Mile 1 - 5:38
Thought I was holding back a bit, but this was the fastest mile I ran.  After about a quarter mile of flat, the course turns up an uphill, then a 360* turn around a cone to FLY back down the hill.  Was very happy to hit the mile mark under 5:40

Mile 2 - 5:50
This is always my crappiest mile in a 5k, I suck at mile 2.  My strategy was to catch this other dude I know that was up ahead, he beat me by 30+ seconds in a 4 mile race a few weeks ago, figured if I paced off him, he'd get me to a sub18..well I caught him and we ran together for nearly the whole mile (until he fell back)

Mile 3 - 5:49
A lot of mind games in this mile, I realized if I just shut the fuck up and run, I can get it done... (this mile hurt)

Mile .1 - :39 seconds
Seeing the clock around 17:15 up ahead, I knew I had it.. so my stupid legs decided to start JOGGING it in, my brain the yelled at my legs for being stupid... so I had picked it up a bit to make damn sure it was sub 18... I think probabaly gone 17:49 if I manned up, but hey... gotta leave some time for my next PR!

Overall, a great race. My friend Trav ran a 16:50, and we cooled down by running the race course again (nice and easy).  I ended up with 3rd place AG, and some more hardware to hang in Abrahm's nursery.

I am in LOVE with my Saucony GridType A4 racing flats, beware... these are fast!

Looking forward.... I'm 99% sure this was my last race until the Maine Marathon Oct. 3rd, until then...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's August and stuff...

Yo, somehow my "recovery" 40 mile week turned into 52 miles, I can dig it.

Kinda fooled around with mileage this week, and didnt stick to Mr. Pfitz' plan as much as normal, got some solid medium distance runs in (10-12 milers), and awesome track workout in (800 repeats), and wound up with a 10k PR at LobsterFest 10k yesterday (38:47).

The race went a little something like this:
Rolled into Rockland around 7:30am, and the weather could not have been better... low 60s, ZERO humidity, ocean breeze... perfection.   Met up with Bob Wiles, whom I played football with in high school.. somehow we both became pretty serious runners as we matured, I can only imagine how good the GAHS XC team might have been in the mid-90s if we knew then what he know now!

After an easy 2 mile warm-up we gathered at the start, eyeing the rest of the runners I realized I had an awesome shot at an AG win... except Bob is in my AG, so nevermind.

It's been a few weeks since I started this race report, and kinda forgot most of it... but anyway, set a PR and it felt goooooood.   38:45..

for some reason I wanted to wear a bandana... i dunno about that look....