Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recovering The Opposable Thumb..

Is there any hope for us, or are the rumors true?
Are we just the mulch and kindling that accrues?
...Can we recover from this....?

(props to the Lawrence Arms)

Boys and girls, the word of the week is...."RECOVERY"
Recovering from 26.2 hard miles, from dissapointment and from that goddamn downhill!

Ended up with <10 miles for the week, took 4 straight off after Sugarloaf, and my "coach" scolded me for not taking more time off.  Today (Sunday) I went out for an unplanned distance, decided on a solid 5.5.  No, it's not very far, just enough to get my legs working.

Been looking ahead a lot this past week on summer racing plans, how much I should up my mileage, and of course... prepping for the baby.   After talking with some runners, whom are a lot more experienced  (faster) than me, I decided on just following the same Pfitz 18/55 plan in preps for Maine, but I'm going to add an easy to run to one of the REST days.  Will add 4-6 miles per week, and I think that will help my fitness a lot, and hopefully allow me to drop 3-5lbs.

Planning on getting up to 20-25 miles this week as the recovery continues

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