Sunday, December 5, 2010

Murdering Time...

The post title is a line I always thought was clever from an old Alkaline Trio song (actually it's from this Skiba solo track)  

     What I meant, was I'm killing a bit of time this morning before I head out for a long-run, somewhere between 16-20, we'll see how I feel.  But then, I started thinking about my whole philosphy of running, and planning for next season.  "Murdering Time" will be the motto of 2011.
     Murdering every PR, murdering the course, murdering the soles of my shoes, and murdering the rest of the 30-34 year olds around here on the roads...

     I've been thinking a lot of what to make of 2010, and although I try to live within every moment (how Zen huh?) it forces me to think about 2011.  I had a great 2010.. really, I did.

     I've decided to follow the Pftiz 18/70 plan en route to Hopkinton in April.  During the last cycle I maxed out just over 60mpw (and only twice), and not only really love the Pfitz structure, but I think moving up to a more "advanced" schedule, will yield the result I'm looking for.

     Well, that raises the question... what am I looking for?  2011 goals will be posted 12/31.



  1. I like it. I also think the move up to the 70 will be a huge jump that will be beneficial. I've been staying steady 50ish for the last few months (since school started), but I want to jump up to about 60 as I plan for the Broad St Run in the spring. I have my goal for that race set, and my training schedule will start next week (I think, I have to double check the calendar. Beyond that, I have to plan my other goals.

  2. PS. I'm an idiot. I start my 15 week plan in mid-January, not mid-December. Oops. Another month of base!

  3. well, it's good thing you don't teach math.

    we'll spend a bit of time focusing on some goals/training for the 2011 season. One of them for sure, has got to be running together!

    Oh, and FastPunx shirts...