Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to earth...bitch!

When I think 4th of July, I too think Will Smith catch-phrases!

Ran the Bridgton 4 on the 4th this year, 11 years since I last ran this race, I'm sorry but I can't stop wondering what the hell would have happened if I kept running back then.... damnit!

Race recap:

It was HOT!  Race started at 8am and was already over 80* and climbing!
Did a quick 1 mile warmup, bumped into my man Travis and ran an extra half mile with him, he's a collegiate XC/track runner (or was, he quit to focus on tri's) and works at Maine Running Co, a solid dude with some speed.

I was already sweating balls, so decided to go shirtless (whatever) and because I didnt want to go out too fast, I let Travis toe the line, and I went 2-3 rows back.

Mile 1 - 6:02
Lining up a few rows back really helped my pace, as I usually (and stupidly) end up going out with the 5min milers for 30 seconds... I let them go do there thing and just relaxed.   The first mile was over before I knew it

Mile 2 - 6:29
Holy hill!  Heat really started to climb, and so did the elevation.  Kept a low gear and just kept passing people who went out too fast....suckers.

Mile 3 - 6:10
Trying to get back on pace after the hills, this mile was the hardest mentally, although I ran through Mile 3 marker around the same time I just ran a 5k a few weeks ago.

Mile 4 - 5:45
DOIN' WORK SON!   Fastest mile I have ever ran.... ever.  Not sure where it came from, but I loved it.

Ended up 28th overall, and first place in 30-34 age-group.  (24:30 vs. 27:04 in 1999)
Not too shabby for some punk kid who has been running for just a year.... looking forward to Old Hallowell Day 5k this week...


  1. Wow, nice finish! tells me you're ready to rip that 18:15. On race day, first mile in 5:45-5:50, but more importantly, get to 2 miles in 11:45. A lot of people, myself included, tend to daydream in mile 2 of a 5K so I think setting a 2 mile goal is a good idea to keep you on track through the middle of the race. You're fit enough to knock that number over. You will be under 18 by the end of the year.