Monday, October 18, 2010

All in...

After over an hour of typing, retyping, reloading the friggin' BAA website... I'm in!


  1. In there like swim wear! I wonder how quickly it will fill up this year? No reason to chance it!

  2. Nice work!

    You are in luck - you'll have good weather since I've decided against running it next year. (In the past 6 years, the 4 years I didn't run but just went to watch it was beautiful out and the two years I did run it was high 80s and humid once and we had a Nor'Easter the other time.)

    I figure that if I feel recovered from my 100 miler the month before then I'll just run the Gannsett Marathon anyway.

    Have you run it before? It's definitely a different experience than any other race.

  3. Bob, I didnt do all the damn work on the 3rd to not get in this morning! We hope you, Camie, and the boys will come down for it.

    Blaine, this shall be my first Boston and Im looking forward to taking it all in, rain/shine/or snow!