Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recover (week 1)

I can't believe its been a whole week since the marathon. 

     When I returned home last Sunday, showered, and took time to reflect... I couldn't shake the regret of not pushing through the finish-line, which caused my chip-time to be 3:10:01, a 3:09:59 sure would look nice.  I've spent the past week thinking about what 2 seconds means. 

     Two seconds.  It's just an instant... but it could mean everything.  Then, I repositioned myself, and took a different look at my situation and thought how grateful I am for this.  First of all, I BQ'd, no matter what.  :58 seconds in the other direction, and I wont be in Hopkinton on Patriots Day.  I also appreciate the lesson I learned, that its not OVER until its OVER.  I still need to learn to respect the distance.  From Philly last fall, to Sugarloaf in May I learned a lot about my running.... but I still have a lot to learn about the marathon, the entire 26 miles, 385 yards..

     I'm thankful for my next opportunity, as I know I'll never be satisfied... I have just THAT much more work to do to be the runner I want to be. 

     Anyway.. recovery week went well, here's the deets:

10/4 - rest, 1.5 hour massage, felt good to get my legs stretched.
10/5 - rest
10/6 - rest
10/7 - rest
10/8 - rest
10/9 -   4 easy miles
10/10 - 5 easy miles

Total: 9 easy miles for the week.  Doing my best to recover better than the previous 2 marathons, so the 5 straight 0 days REALLY helped!   The easy miles just got my legs moving, and it felt great to run again.
Can't wait for next Monday morning... Boston registration opens!

edit: in case anyone was curious, my strain in my ribs has cleared up about 95%, only feel it once and a while...

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