Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm injured.
On the plus... it's -12 degrees out and I'm not too bummed about missing a run this morning.

     My foots coming along, after a lackluster 25 mile week last week, doing easy runs every other day I decided to skip another long-run Sunday and then after today off... I'm thinking I might be ready to go tomorrow.

     I was following Pfitz 18/70, but with 12 weeks out from Patriots Day and 2 weeks of crap, if I feel good tomorrow, I'd like to jump into the 12/55 plan.  The Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler was something I've been looking forward to since October, but I've decided to transfer my bib to a friend.. I don't feel like I'm in 1:04 shape right now, and honestly I have no desire to drive to Cape Elizabeth to race 10 miles unless I'm going to perform well.

     I did visit Roger Park, an orthotist who owns Acadia Orthotics.  I was referred to him by Gary Allen (Crow Athletics/MDI Marathon), Gary has run a sub 3 hour marathon each decade for the past 5 decades, and told me that in his 50's, Roger's running orthotics have made a HUGE difference.  So, anyway... I went to see him for a full biomechanical analysis.  First thing you notice in his office, is some cool gear signed by Joan Beniot, and Bill Rodgers... both wear Gary's custom orthotics... not a bad endorsement huh?

     I brought my 2 favorite shoes, with the most mileage on them to have Roger check them out.. before even looking at my legs, he said right off the bat "wow, you have tight calves"... JUST BY LOOKING AT MY WEAR PATTERN!   Of course, he was right.  Also, after some measuring I learned I should have been running in a 11.5 Wide, not my usual 12.  Which makes sense, and looking back I have no fucking clue why I never tried a Wide before... probably because most Wide kicks are fugly.  Also, after some tests Roger mentioned my pronation... I mostly run in neutral shoes, but knew I had moderate pronation.

     Basically I was told I'm much faster than my times show.  What the hell does that mean?  Well, my body is working against me each stride.  My shoe choice, my biomechanics, and my tightness is causing me to BRAKE on each step.  This is a good/bad thing.  It excited me that with some work I'll be able to get that much faster, but also means a complete over-haul of my running.  Roger told me I'm a good candidate for this orthotics, but also didn't pressure me into them, or seem like he was selling them to me.. he actually cared about my running.  I liked that.

     So.. what to do?  I've ordered some new mild stability kicks in a 11.5 Wide, which feel great.  With the high mileage I'd like to be running I realize I need more shoe, especially with my issues.. so, trial and error it is.   As for orthotics, I'm going to try running without for a while (they arent cheap) and we'll see what happens.


  1. found my way here via Amy's blog...I'll be very interested to see how the change in shoes alters your running.