Saturday, January 1, 2011

MMX est mortuus.

Wow, what a good year.

Looking back only two things happened all year:
1.  Abe.
2. Running.

I set PRs at every distance in 2010.
I Boston Qualified.
I won some AG awards.
I'm not even close to being satisfied.

I don't want to spend too much time looking back at the year that was, because that doesn't matter.  It's all about 2011, and on to the next one.  So without further adieu...

Team Fast Punx 2011, "Murdering Time"

The goal in 2011 is murdering time, murdering PRs, murdering the asphalt, and murdering the competition (in a friendly way of course!).  

I really see 2011 as a "bridge year" of sorts.  I feel this year I'm still building miles, still learning how to run, race, train, & recover.  I'm looking at 2011 as getting me to where I want to be in 2012, that being said... I don't plan on wasting this year at all.  Here is what I set out to do...

-The Marathon:
Boston Goal : Have a blast & PR*
     Fall Goal (Philly?): 2:55

-The 10k:  36:59
 Not sure where (maybe Beach to Beacon, probably Lobsterfest) but that will happen.

-The 5k:  16:59
Some goal 5k races may include Sea Dogs Fathers Day, Breakaway in Old Orchard, and whatever the hell else I feel like doing.

*denotes that I might be full of shit and still bring the muthafuckin ruckus in Boston en route to a 2:59!

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