Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whoops, I PR'd...

Whoops, I PR'd
Shortnessof breath....


Monday marked Memorial Day, which is always a pretty awesome day and this year was no different.  The Gardiner Boys and Girls Club holds the "Race to Remember 5k" early in the morning, and the 2nd annual version was another success.  Last year I ran this race 2 weeks after Sugarloaf, but this year going into it I knew I was in better shape, and the fact that Abe goes to the Boys and Girls Club.. made it a bit special.

I got to the start a bit early to make sure I got in a solid 3+ miles of warm-up, and got to meet up with some friends.  There really is only 2-3 people in Central Maine I would deem as "competetion" and none of them were running.. so I felt good at the start that I might finally win a fucking race!  Slipped into my flats after a solid warm-up an got to the line just in time for the gun, err whistle to go off.

Steep incline at the start, and within 5 seconds it was evident I was going to go for a fast first mile... as we got to the Rail Trail it was just a Hall-Dale miler and I, so I asked what he was expecting, he told me he was hoping to break 18:00... I laughed and told him he is running way too fast as we were running a 5:20 mile.   I'm glad he wanted to run fast with me, because I probabaly would not have gone out like that... ever.   At the mile we were next to eachother and went through around 5:25.

Mile 2 included the lollipop turnaround on the Trail, and I was about :05 seconds ahead of the kid who was breathing pretty rough now.  I love racing in my hometown because everyone cheers me on, and since this was in out/back I got to pass everyone... it was an awesome feeling being in the lead of a race.  I slowed down a lot because I was running alone and nobody was there to push the pace, plus I've never been this far ahead without anyone to chase... so mile 2 was slow in 5:50.

Mile 3 split was another slow one as I have done ZERO true speedwork, and was feeling it.  I knew I had the win, so mentally I just kinda cruised at another 5:55 mile.

Coming back into the waterfront area I saw Brianne and Abe and I got a mega boost, seeing the clock around 17:3x I knew I had an easy PR, but then decided it would be cool to go sub 17:45 so I turned it up a bit just to make sure I got it.... 17:44 for the win!

Went for a nice 3 mile cooldown with Peter and his son Jordan (who ran a sub22!) and while I was gone I missed the awards, so Abe stepped in and did the honors.. perfect!

Anyway, a good start to the summer racing season, but still :45 seconds away from what the major goal in August is.  I'm pretty stoked on my chances, especially with the goal race 3 months away and being able to chase down faster runners all year...

do work get fast, up the punx.


  1. Congrats on the PR! Good song too, though I see you conveniently left out the next line about the ambulance haha.