Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 miler, Maine to NH...

Being 3 weeks out from Boston, and only a few days out of my New Bedford 13.1 PR, I still knew I needed to get in one more solid 20 miler before Patriot's Day, and honestly.. I was kinda scared of it.  Since a few nagging injuries, and family life had got in the way of a couple of important long runs, I hadnt run more than 16 miles in about 5 weeks...  and had only done one 20 miler since Feb!

Luckily for me, I've got a friend who is basically a stud.  Bob (aka) Wiles Running, Inc. and I went to high school together.  The funny thing is, we didnt run.  He was 2 years ahead of me, and we played varisty football together.  In the spring, he played baseball while I played lacrosse.  We obviously knew eachother, but never really hung out until this past summer.. when we kinda bonded over running (as fucking lame as that sounds).   Well, the fact that his wife Camie, and my wife Brianne have a ton in common helped. 

We laugh a bit about how we both should have ran XC back in the day, but we both can out run most former high school runners today, and if any other former all-state offensive lineman want to race me... bring it!

Anyway, we both discovered running in our later 20s, and now he is tearing shit up on the racing circuit..I'm talking 15min 5k's, and sub 1:10 half-marathons!   The coolest thing, is (for some reason) he enjoys helping me achieve my running goals.  He was awesome enough to pace me the last 16 miles of the Maine Marathon en route to my BQ, and was more than willing to get up and do a 20 miler through his hometown with me yesterday morning.

I got up at 4:45am for the 90 mile drive, (yep.. drove 90 miles one way to meet a guy for a 20 mile what?), got to his house before 7, and it wasnt long before we were out running the Sea-Coast region of Maine-New Hampshire.   Without question the most beautiful run of my life. 

Below is our route, it was mega windy, so the resistance for sure kept the pace a little slower, but he got me to push myself.. and less than a week out from New Bedford, this felt amazing.

Let the taper begin....

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