Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's been a minute since I've filled anyone in on my running (or whatever the hell you want to call what I've been doing lately).

Looking back through this Winter, it's been hell on my training.  I was trying to think back to the last time I had a full week of solid pain-free running, and I think it would be sometime in January.  The funny thing is, every week I have had something else ailing me.   I just made a list of my injuries this winter, then deleted it because 1, it was annoying me to read it, and 2, made me look even more like a pussy... so  lets just say, this winter has sucked.  No big deal, it's not like I have the Boston Marathon to run in a couple weeks or anything, right?  ohhhh...

I was actually feeling rather fit last week, after some good back to back weeks (65+ mpw), and awesome lactic-threshold workout, in which I did the middle 7 miles on my run at goal half-marathon pace, (6:25).  During this run it was POURING ran, so by mile 3 my shoes weighed 10lbs. each, I was freezing cold.. yet still hit all my splits with ease.   3 days after that workout I came down with a fantastic stomach-bug, and spent the next 48 hours puking more than running.. and had to miss my 20 miler I was very much looking forward to.

So now here I am, 4 weeks out of Boston.  Questioning all of my training, going back/forth still about what type of goal to set on Patriots Day (just finish the dam race might be one!).   A lot of questions will be answered tomorrow though at the New Bedford Half.  My plan going into this was hit a nice 1:25 finish, which would boost my confidence going into Boston a lot... setting me up for a solid sub 3:00 attempt, or at least a nice/relaxed 3:05ish.

Stay tuned kids.

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