Saturday, March 5, 2011

flyer than the rest of 'em...

I'm 31 years old, and a couple things have been constant since I was a kid..

1. I love the Boston Celtics.
2. I love sneakers.

The 2nd one has recently become a bit of a problem in my house, and it's not what you'd think.... my wife is actually cool with it, it's just I'm running out of room for all my running shoes, and honestly.. it's got to the point where I stand there and take a few minutes to decide which pair to run in that day.   It's a nice problem to have, but a little insane.

When I was a kid I HAD to have the freshest kicks, as soon as they came out.  Which was hard being from Maine, but my mom was super cool about it and always had me in the newest Bo Jackson cross-trainers, and at the end of every Fall I'd get the newest Air Jordan's for basketball season.   This trend has continued into my running career...

This week I'll be posting a few reviews I have been putting off writing... some will be from kicks I love, some from ones I'd never run in again...

A group I used to be really into, Lexicon (underground hiphop from SoCal) dropped this song a few years back, and I can relate... as can a good amount of my running friends

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  1. Looking forward to the reviews. I think I'm starting to develop a shoe addiction.