Monday, April 11, 2011

1 week out..

"It's Monday, and it's raining.."  (The MovieLife)

Holy shit!  1 week from this exact moment in time, I'll be in Hopkinton. 
I honestly don't feel like I deserve this, lots of people work their asses off for years for the chance to run Boston.  In less than a year & a half of running I've qualified and will be running this historic, amazing race. 


Yesterday I did my last double-digit run as the taper continues...  12 miles felt very easy, as I kept the pace rather light (7:30-7:40), and the weather was beautiful.   Before mile 2 I ditched my long-sleeved and my pale (yet colorful) skin got some Vitamin D!

Saturday I decided to run a 4-mile road race in Augusta.  I was a bit scared my competitive juices would flow too much, and I'd end up trying to race the damn thing... but I talked myself into running it at a nice tempo pace somewhere between 10k-half marathon effort, and still cruised to a 3rd place overall, and won my AG.  

The best part was having Abe see his Dad run for the first time.  I always kiss him before I head out in the morning, and often on my runs I wonder what he thinks I head out to do.  Not that he even has a clue what running is, I'm just stoked he got to see me do it.  I wish he was able to be in Boston to see me cross the finish... but he and is Mum will have a much better time on the couch following me online.

Welp.. 7 days away.. let's hope I dont drive myself (and Brianne) fucking nuts...

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