Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting over it.

This past week I've talked to a lot of friends & read a lot of blogs of people whom are MUCH faster, more knowledgeable, and far more experienced in this whole running thing than I am... and feel much better now on Saturday night than I did this past week.

Sure, what happened in Boston on Monday blows... but who cares?
Seriously.. in the grand scheme of things, who cares? 
Nobody but me.

Running is not my life (contrary to popular belief), running does not define me, it's not my job, hell.... I'm not even THAT good at it!
Basically, if running is the only thing going on in your life, your life fucking sucks.

My life is kinda awesome. 
My wife is the bomb, and my son is the best dude ever...
We have a great house, huge backyard and a fantastic, loving family around us!
We both have good jobs that give us the money to blow on stupid things like expensive running shoes and microbrews!
Running (as much as I love it) is kinda insignificant when I think about it. 
Wow, big deal... I had a bad day running, get over it Seth.

Anyway, I took this week off completely. 
ZERO miles from Tues-Saturday, and I plan on going out for a few easy miles tomorrow (Easter) morning.
I went from never wanting to run another step, to being 100% jonesing for a run pretty fast, which is a very good sign.  Next week will be a super low mileage week, then from there I'll start slowly building back and looking towards some Summer races.

To my friends who told me to take a chill pill this week... thanks guys.  I owe ya...

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  1. Wonderful. Sometimes getting over a little bump in the road can show you how great things really are.