Monday, April 4, 2011

2 weeks out..

Brutal wind made this a pretty tough 17 miler.  Started the run planning on going 15, but decided to test my wheels and did 9 at a rough est. of Boston pace.

mile 1 7:38
mile 2 7:40
mile 3 7:43
mile 4 7:38
mile 5 7:48
mile 6 6:55
mile 7 7:09
mile 8 7:10
mile 9 7:03
mile 10 7:06
mile 11 7:02
mile 12 7:03
mile 13 6:59
mile 14 7:43
mile 15 6:50
mile 16 7:37
mile 17 7:46

(Total 17.2 miles, avg. 7:20 pace)
This run went a lot better than last weeks 20, not sure why... just ran it nice and relaxed.  The faster pace felt pretty good, as my knee loosens up the faster I run.    Best part of the run came around mile 14, when Brianne and Abe drove by as they were heading out to visit her Dad... they pulled over and I got a kiss from my dude, and he was stoked to see me... I busted out a 6:50 mile on accident after that.

I'm visiting my pal Dr. Lawson at KV Chiropractic later today for him to literally beat the shit out of my IT-band and piriformis with some A.R.T. and his insane deep tissue massage gun.

Spent a great deal of my run yesterday thinking about Boston.  It;s fucking driving me insane.  I almost feel like I'm letting myself down, and failing if I don't sneak in under 3 hours, but honestly... with my fall/winter/spring of injury, weather, and of course... Abrahm, I don't think I'm in sub3 shape.  

3:05 would be a much smarter goal (and still a 5min PR).  We'll see....

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