Monday, May 9, 2011

Week ending 5/15

Mon. - 3 miles easy w/ 5x SH repeats (25:00)
Tue. - 5.5 miles easy (44:00)
Wed. - 7 miles fartlek w/ 8x20s @ mile pace
Thur - 0 (rest day)
Fri -  7 miles easy (ran with Amy for 6 @ her goal-marathon pace for Vermont City) + 5x SH repeats
Sat - 5 miles easy
Sun - 10.5 miles, with final 2 @marathon pace  (1:20)

38 miles for the week, as I am starting to feel like a runner again.  The slowly rebuilding process is coming along very well, as my coach has really helped me to not do too much too soon, as I normally would.
The ShortHill repeats are kicking my ass and I love it... the fartlek sessions with mile pace on Wed was one of the best workouts Ive had in a while... looking forward to getting my mileage back up over the next few weeks, and very much looking forward to racing on Memorial Day.

Seeing the race results from this weekend on Facebook and around the web, motivate the fuck out of me.  Seeing people PR, especially local runners I race against drives me to do more work.

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