Sunday, August 21, 2011

:04 seconds, and a Lighthouse...

Yo.   Yesterday was my goal 5k race of the season, and :04 fucking seconds came between me and finally being a 16:XX 5k'er.    I'm bummed, but ran real well... and this is the part I'd like to write a bunch of excuses like "it was too humid", "the 5-6 different 90degree turns on the course slowed me down", "that stupid lollipop turnaround was horrible" blah blah blah....   screw it, I'm learning to "control the controllables" and that crap does not matter.

Mile 1: 5:21
Mile 2: 5:32
Mile 3: 5:32
Push:   0:39:9
I didnt push when I needed to, and I learned a lesson.  I've learned so much this summer in racing not only about my abilities, but just HOW to race overall... and thats pretty awesome.

With the help of my coach Tyler McCandless, we decided that although it's now 100% time to focus on the marathon specific training for Philly... we are going to give the 5k one more shot in September.  We'll see...

Anyway, by contrast... a shot of me in the Mizuno Wave Universe at the 5k in the morning vs. me in the same shoe last night at a beautiful coastal wedding.

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