Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     Lobsterfest 10k this past weekend.  Ran a great first 2 miles, then I just started to kinda suck.  Still won my age-group, but I could not catch the lead pack and was stuck running the final 4 miles all alone, which sucks in a race. 
     A crazy morning pre-race really fucked me up too.. as I normally wear my trainers for a 2-3 mile warm-up, then ditch 'em for my flats... well, a bit of "misscommunication" with my wife led to her and Abe not being at the start, I wasted a lot of mental energy being pissed off and running around like a madman looking for them, finally returning to the start about 15sec. before the gun.

Recipe for a crappy race!

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